About “Haw-Haw”

Germany calling, Germany calling…

“Haw-Haw” is the new play currently being written by Doug Devaney and Ross Gurney-Randall, which focuses on the life of William Joyce, popularly known through the Second World War as “Lord Haw-Haw”.

Born in America, raised in Ireland, ejected and rejected from the British Army, the Foreign Office and Mosley’s Blackshirts, Joyce found himself  eventually becoming the Third Reich’s most infamous broadcaster, issuing  threats and warnings to the British people across the airwaves as to how they could never hope to overcome the might of Hitler’s forces.

The last man in Britain to be hanged for treason, he was also one of this country’s first ever radio stars, his name an inspiration for music-hall routines, comedy songs, best-selling books and at last one Hollywood movie.

A tale of politics, show-business, treachery and idealism, “Haw-Haw” is a fascinating story from a fascinating time.

“Haw-Haw” is supported using public funding by The Arts Council and National Lottery’s “Grants For The Arts” scheme.



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