Spot The Difference 2

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, kindly compare this…

Haw Haw’s final broadcast. He may have had a drop to drink.

…with this…

Churchill announces the end of war in Europe. He may also have had a drink


There seems to be a certain predominant style. And it wasn’t just brandy. The reason – or one of them – that the BBC was affectionatly nown as “Auntie” was that the microphones of the time required one to speak clearly and slowly: “as if you were talking to you favourite, but sightly deaf, aunt”.

One of the many curious facts I’ve tried to lever into the script, and Ross has tried to lever back out. The difference between history and trivia is sometimes just the size of your lever.

While we’re on the subject of radio (fittingly enough), here’s a fascinating radio documentary/discussion regarding Haw Haw’s trial chaired by Clive Anderson (thanks to local historian Peter Chrisp for pointing this out to us):

Lord Haw Haw Trial Documentary

Should he have been hanged. It’s one of the central questions of “Rossie” and “Dougie”.

Did Joyce’s taking of a British passport – albeit with false declarations of his place of brth mean that he enjoyed the protection of the monarch and therefore owed allgiance in respect of that protection? Or did the British state have no claim upon him as he wasn’t its subject in the first place?

Write your answers on one side of the paper provided. Use the margins to show your workings. Time starts now…


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